Excel Data Extraction based on a specific word

Hi everyone.

What is the formula to enter in the “IF condition” to only select row containing a specific word.

For more explanations:

I have extracted the data of a website (Tokyo weather forecast) using the data scraping activity.
Now I only want to keep the data of the sunny days. (So on my IF conditions, only extract row containing the word “Sunny”).

Thanks by advance for any help provided.

Hi @DadouSan

You can use filter datatable activity or you can use DT.Select as

Please share your weather forecast excel file so we get more clear on the data, and give you more clear idea if needed.

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Thank you for your reply.

The excel sheet is in Japanese, but I’m trying to only extract the row containing the word "晴れ"RPA Blank File.xlsx (10.7 KB)

Hi @DadouSan

I saw the file it has two columns where the first one is for the days (today, tomorrow etc) and the second column is the description of the weather (Used google translator to understand the data :D)

So you can filter the data table with the keyword sunny (晴れ) (I hope this is the correct word in Japanese, if not you can use the exact word in the query below ?)

Note that your excel columns do not have any header so UIPath read range activity will take Column0, Column1 as two headers. Make sure you uncheck the Add Header checbox of read range activity.

Note : If by chance you get “ CopyToDataTable is not a member of datatable ” issue then this link will help you to fix: AsEnumerable is not a member of ‘System.Data.Datatable’

Please find the attached zip file to run the XAML file.
DadouSan.zip (9.9 KB)

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Wow thank you very much, it’s working as intended.

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