Excel Copy/Paste number format

I’m trying to copy data form 1 excel workbook and paste into another excel workbook. I was able to do this however, the data format changed from a number format to a text format. This an issue because now the formulas in the pasted workbook don’t work. I don’t understand why the format changed.

@Breeze Are reading data and writing into some excel? Then make sure enable Preserve Format in the read range and see how it goes


@Breeze If you want to copy the entire sheet to some other excel there is an activity called Copy Sheet



You don’t use copy/paste to interact with Excel. You use the Excel activities like Read Range and Write Range. I suggest doing the free UiPath training as it covers these basic things.

My version of UiPath doesn’t have PreserveFormat as seen in that screen shot. It has Read formatting with (null), Default, RawValue, and DisplayValue as choices. I was able to accomplish this by using a Read Range activity and storing the data into a data table variable. Then using a Write DataTable to Excel activity to paste the data into the other workbook.

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