Copy data in excel sheet with Format or layout

I have an excel Workbook, in which 3 sheets different sheets. in every sheet there is some fixed format and layout for data. Once i enter data in every sheets then i want to paste that whole data from every sheets to one final sheets.

Exa:- Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3, FinalSheet then we want to first paste data from Sheet1 to FinalSheet with same format and layout as Sheet1 then below that Data from Sheet2 then below that data from sheet3.

Main concern is the format and layout, i can implement that logic to paste data below already filled range.


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It seems like you want copy and paste the data one below the other as a consolidated sheet

Did we try with copy paste range

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yes i have tried Copy Paste Range but it is doing nothing on that destination sheet, below the screen shot please if i am doing wrong anything.

Sorry its worked for me, Thanks! i have done a mistake

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