Excel column data extraction

I have an Excel file with the input of Name and URL, and as per the input from the USER we need to get the output
Suppose if the input is One name and we need to get the data from the corresponding Column as output. Can someone help

Hi @Varunkumar_Saikumar
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For your case you can try Lookup DataTable activity

If your input is Name, by using Lookup DataTable activity u can get the corresponding data to the name row.

Try out that

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Hi @Varunkumar_Saikumar ,

There are many ways to do this one is already mentioned by @NIVED_NAMBIAR .

You can also try

1 - create dictionary and store it’s value in key value pair and then get any value by passing key value.
2 You can use filter data table activity to filter particular row.
Once you have filtered row just get the value as dt.row(0)(1).tostring

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