Excel- Column Chart- Changing Row Column and Separator

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This Details.xlsx (9.4 KB) is the excel from which i am trying to create Column chart.

if i consider only first 2 rows(A1:E3) for Charting, the chart looks like below.

However, column chart for all the 5 rows looks different. Rows and Columns are exchanged.

Question1: I would like to have 2nd result always regardless of number of row selection. How can we achieve that
Question2: Can we set chart width dynamically? because based on the number of row considered, the chart width should vary.
Question3: in 2nd chart, is it possible to make the numbers set inside the bar and vertically. So that it doesnt look overlapping.
Question4: I need to have separator between the column bars. Specially in 2nd chart- between 2 column. 2 column of each set among 4.

Your inputs will be highly appreciated.


@anon62075255 I guess I have Figured this out. As far as I know this is not any concern of automation part. Its in your excel File. Go to the bar chart, select it, right click->Select Data.
Change Series Creation → Data of each row as a series. it solved the problem in my end :smiley:

I do not want to open and do anything in excel manually. this excel attached is also created by UiPath and need the charts from Uipath only. .

@anon62075255 Ohh ok , i’ll try to figure it out. Sorry for the inconvenient response :slightly_frowning_face:

@anon62075255 Can I know what activity you’re using to read the graph in UiPath ?

Actually, am using -balareva-excel-activities and Column chart in it. The range can be given right there for the graph.

@anon62075255 Yes, I have used the same, But there isn’t any option for converting “Data of each row as a series” :worried:

Right. There is no such option… But based on number of row selected , the graph is changing automatically. So, i would like to know how to control this. i want all the graph look the same regardless of number of rows selected.

Hi @anon62075255,
Here I have attached the output files which is generated from the BalaReva.Excel.Activities Package. It is not uploaded in UiPath Go. I have to . I sent the package to your message box. Here I have attached the properties of the component and output file.

Properties :

Output :

Source File :
keerthims.zip (24.0 KB)

It is a link to configure the package in local.


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Very kind of you. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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