How to develop a studio X automation for a non specific excel file?

Is there any way to develop an automation for a generic excel file where any excel file that is fed into the automation is processed?

I know that it is possible to first do the development for a specific file and then at the end change the input file to a different file however this does not seem very efficient. I would also like to do this without using the advanced editor.

I am trying to develop an automation which loops through multiple excel files and carries out the same task on each.

Saving all files in a folder and using “for each file in folder” activity doesn’t do the trick?

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It does but you need to trick UiPath into thinking that it is working on only one document…

This image shows what I mean. I have a write cell inside a for each loop and it means that I cannot indicate where to write the cell.


what studio version do you use? latest? 19.12 and latest updates on packages?
If so, you should have the option of “use template” on the excel card, which doesn’t show up on your print screen. There you can indicate a random xlsx file just to use it at desing time so you can indicate later in the Write cell.

If not, just leave it as it is and in write cell in advanced editor you should write : ExcelFile.Sheet(“Sheet1”).Cell(“A1”).

BUT, something is wrong with your project/dependencies as I don’t see the above created reference “ExcelFile” on your dropdown menu on Write Cell.

So, in your scenario try to put in advanced editor the above line if not, try updating your studio, fresh install, update dependencies and try again.
This should look like:

Hi Horia,

I have reinstalled studio X and it is at version 19.12, with all dependencies updated and the option is still not available.

In Package Manager please check “include prerelease” option in order to get latest versions. Can you please check ? You should have the “use design time file” option on the Excel card on released 19.12 StudioX