Excel Binary Xlsb with macros

Hello All,

I have to do an automation process in multiple Excel binary files (xlsb) .
And In this process I have to write cells and then execute 2 or 3 macros.

Given the understanding that I have to convert the files to .xlsm but in my case I find it impractical and could damage the data.

So is there anyway to still automate these xlsb files with uipath without converting to xlsm??

Thank you all in advance :blush:

Hi welcome to the community!
Yes always automate the excel application itself and work with your xlsb files like a human would, if using the activities really cant work for you.

Hi @Sinan_412

We can do alternative way instead of xlsm. First record the macro and copy the VBA code and save to txt file then invloke VBA code Activity the execute it…