Macro run with Add-ins

Hi all, as i search online for “Execute Macro” in UiPath, i only see if the macro itself is saved in the .xlsm format, but i’m wonder if i can save the VBA macro in excel Add-ins (.xlam) format (easier as run for all different file, not limit into the xlsm only).

I tried, file with .xlsm but running .xlam macro, but showing error of

same goes to in excel file .xlsx format.

Please help

Could u elaborate ur process little bit more.
Also, can u share ur files if possible ?

Running macro is simple but I think u r trying something different…
If u wanna run macro,simply follow the link as below:

Can you check your settings for macros on Excel Aplication Scope settings:

Just try with *.xlsm and check for not having typos (Cases, Spaces) by calling the macro.
For sure the macro has to exist within the excel file

another option could be:

Is awesome @ppr!
Invoke VBA is exactly want i need. thanks!

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