Work with Excel(open,rename,read particulr row and colum)

hi fnd,

im working with excel(xlsx)… to open excel to rename excel the file in the same path with new name. new(re-named) excel again.
5.Navigate to particylat tab. particular row and colum.

can pls guide me…how to do the above things

I think it would be extremely beneficial for you to take the beginners developer course at - All of this gets covered fairly early on in the course in the excel section.

  1. You can open excel with an Excel Application Scope activity.
  2. Rename a file with a ‘Move File’ activity. The input is the full excel file path including extension. The output is the directory of the file, but the new name for the file including extension.
  3. This is the same question as #2 ?
  4. This is the same question as #1
  5. See 6, it is done all at once
  6. Use the read range activity (for more than one cell) or read cell activity (if just a single cell). You provide the excel sheet name. If using read range, you provide the range to read (e.g. “A1:C20”) or if you leave it blank it reads the entire sheet. For read cell you provide the specific cell to read (e.g. “A1”)