Excel Application Scope Error but It Doesn't Have This Error Before

Hi all,

I have encountered this error but don’t know how to solve.

Before this, it doesn’t have this error and can run smoothly.

Appreciate someone who can help me on this error. Thanks.

ui error

@BBCC_0000 Did you any quotation using inside the scope.Then,remove and enter it again.


FYI, also check the following document.


Hello @BBCC_0000

Have you migrated the project to windows from legacy recently?

The error seems to be because of some unwanted symbols. Can you try reselecting the excel again and if there are any double quotes provided, reenter again.


Hi @BBCC_0000

Can you try to re enter the file path in the activity. It is an Double quotation issue ""

Check out this thread


Yes, I have tried using double quotation as usual.

This is the behind of the code after the path:

DateTime.Now.ToString(“yyyyMMdd”) + “.xlsx”

It works before but not now, not sure why.

Hi @BBCC_0000

You need to enter the double quotation

Try with this expression

DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyyMMdd") +".xlsx"

Give the Folder path of the File and try it @BBCC_0000

"C:\Users\Dell\Documents\UiPath\"+DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyyMMdd") +".xlsx"

Yes, I know. But the error still exists…

Does it need to set any variables? I remember it doesn’t need before.

Hi @BBCC_0000

Can you share the screenshot of the activity and flow screenshot

Sorry to say that the project consists of some personal data.

I have modified the path, but it should be the same error when executing this activity.



Is it any quotation error? But before this I also follow this quotation format

Can you share what is the error did you received?

I mean this one, same error, I just change the path as it consists of personal data, but the path formats are the same.

ui error

Hi @BBCC_0000

Can you try to create the variable and pass the Variable in that activity and check it

What variable should I create?

Hi @BBCC_0000

  1. Use Assign activity
FolderPath = "C:\Users\Dell\Documents\UiPath\"+DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyyMMdd") +".xlsx"
  1. In the Excel scope application use FolderPath

Hi, the code can be run now.

I think is the " and “ error.

Thanks everyone.