Excel and pie charts

Hi All,

Can any one tell how to implement the below scenario.

  1. I have a excel with data ,Column Name & Amount.
  2. i want to create a pie chart with the above data .

how to acheive this through ui path.

kindly advice.


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Excel automation isn’t amazing at the moment, there are a couple of options:

  1. Use Click text and image recognition (possibly even OCR) to automate what a user would do
  2. Use VBA and call the macro from UiPath
  3. The preferred method by most on here would be to create custom activities (nuget packages) which requires vb.net or c# experience.


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HI @avinashy ,

Please take a look .It is post that to create the pie chart.


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There is a challenge related to a pie chart creation, where are many different solutions posted: