Append multiple column in an excel sheet

I’m facing an issue to append multiple column of data into an excel sheet. I will explain my scenario.

I have to read data from multiple notepad file and paste them in excel sheet based on date of creation. I have to write data in multiple sheets of a single excel. There are 20 notepad file and I need to fetch data from each notepad file and paste it in excel sheets. Now, I’m able to read data of the current date from all notepad files and paste them in excel sheet.

But I have to repeat the same process for next 6 days. So the data should append to the next columns. Can anyone help me on this please?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @renjutom

First you just get the range of the column in the excel sheet by reading it or executing some excel formula and then add the data to existingrange+1 column


if there are limited columns, say 6 in your case, you could try hard coding by assigning the starting column for Write Cell as “C:”+rowIndex , “F:”+rowIndex, etc