Excel Add-In in StudioX

I just started to work on StudioX with Excel Add In. I use MS Office 2013 in my laptop. I created a file with the name Test.xlsx.
I am able to reference the excel file which I need to work using “Use Excel File” and when I try to use “Write Cell” option to enter a formula, the options are not available.
I clicked on the + button under “What to write” and selected “Text Builder”. When I hit the + button in the Text Builder, am not able to view “Current Row” option.
Appreciate your support.

Current row will apear if you place the write cell activity inside a “for each row” activity

Thanks a lot, this works.
I need one more help. When I write “for each row in excel”, for second time mapping to the same table, the data is not reading from the first row. Instead it takes data only from the last row in the table.

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