How to use Excel for each Row activity in Studio X

I want to use Excel for each row activity in Studio X, but I am not able to find that activity.

Below activity i saw in Academy video.


And in my Studio X i found below one, so little bit confuse how to use this.


What StudioX version do you use? Looks like you are using an older version.
Please update to latest StudioX version 20.4.
If you are already using 20.4 please check if you are using old excel packages in package manager, just write here the version.

I am using Studio X 2019.10.1 version

please install version 20.4 in resource center of

please update, it’s basically a whole new product since 19.10.1
also bear in mind that flows developed then are no longer working on 20.4, since that was a preview version. after 20.4 no breaking changes will come.

Hello, I am not getting this.
you mean to say I need to update the version 2020.4.0 instead of 2019.10.1?
if this is so then my Studio will also update and in our organization we have 2019.10.1 version only.
can you please explain more

in order to get all features of studiox you need 20.4. but updating you will also update the studio and if your organization still uses 19.10. and studio is your main tool, i guess you need to stick to your organization plan or discuss there.
all i’m saying is that all cool stuff in StudioX are available in 20.4.

Can we use such function without upgrading to 20.4 ?