[Excel activity] Wrong formatting during Read Range activity

Hi everyone,

I have an issue while using Read Range activity.
While doing so on excel file I am trying to read the DT created from it, and it has strange values - for example: the date value has additional 00:00:00 added, and hour value is, for example, 0.837462 instead of 12:34.
What is worth mentioning - the rows in Excel file are formatted, yyyy-mm-dd and hh:MM:ss, the excel file is downloaded.
What should I do to have the same values in DT?

Thanks for help!

Have you tried OutputDataTable activity.

If that doesn’t work, Build a datatable with columns of all string types and use the Read Range Activity.

Output DT does not help at all.
I guess if you build a new datatbale the one in Read Range overwrites it, so it basically doesn’t work. The values are still wrong sadly.

Can you attach the excel with sample data [with formatted excel columns]. So it will be easy to check.

I solved it on my own, basically you have to use DateTime.FromOADate, and then manipulate Date/Double/String values to have the proper hour :slight_smile:

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