Excel activities question

From Excel work book with formulas, I did the following Uipath sequence.

  1. Delete empty Sheet1 using a macro
  2. Copy data Sheet1 to Excel work book using Uipath activitiy
    Now Excel sheet Formulas do not calculate based on the data in the copied sheet. They show #REF!
    Can you please advice. Thanks a lot!

Hey @A_Learner!! First read the formula then paste into the new excel!! Use this activity:

Hope it helps!!

Thank you! It does not work.
The sheet to be copied is not exactly in Excel format. It has multiple tables with cells extending over multiple colums etc. Thanks,


Could you please provide us the sample input and expected output. so that we can help you. if those details are confidential please provide with the dummy input data.


Hi @A_Learner

Also share the sample input and expected output file


Thank you. Is there a way to keep excel book1 open, select sheet2, ctrl +C to select all the content, open excel book2, do ctrl + V?

Thanks a lot,


Follow the below steps.

1.Excel Application Scope
2.Read Range->Read first sheet (“Book1”) output as Dt_1
3.Read Range->Read second sheet (“Book2”) output as Dt_2
4.Take one For each row in Data table read Dt_1
5.Take one send hot key and indicate it on Excel (CTRL+C)
6.Take one more For each row in Data table read Dt_2
7.Now take send hotkey and indicate it on second excel i.e, Book2 (CTRL+V).

Thank you. Will try.

Thank you. When I delete the sheet, all formulas in other sheets getting REF error. Also, Excel would not let me paste new sheet with the same name which is needed for the formulas.