Evaluation Dataset keeps failing!

Hi All,

I am getting the following error when i test my train data set in AI Centre

Folder Structure is as follows:-
Dataset Name>images>Sub Folder Category>image.jpg

I am using UiPath image analysis OOTB Model

Plus i am using 2 images in each evaluate dataset subfolders they are same images which are present in train dataset

I am using 5 images in each train dataset subfolders

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As per error the dataset provided seems not enough for evaluation…

And also did you happen to change the dataset as evaluation dataset ?

Is the correct folder selected?

Looks like the gives are only 2 and it is expecting minimum of 3 for evaluation


hi i tried with three also same error and i am choosing “1” version for minor

also do i have to use the same images from the train dataset in the evaluation dataset also? or i can use any random images from the same catagory


You need to train the base version 0 ideally…

And you can use different images as well for evaluation

Are you pointing to the correct dataset?


yes yes training 0 version only brother, but i am asking that do i need to use the same exact images from train folder to evaluate folder or it can be different also? yes i have selected the right dataset


You can use different also…

As per error your trained instance has may be 3 kinds of folders but your evauation has only 2…you need to have all 3 types in evaluation

And I hope you are pointing to folder of images sub folder


Data.zip (203.4 KB)
Kindly check its complete

pipeline_report_970ecb70-a01c-4777-9398-6e1af0eb77b9.txt (7.8 KB)
Failed Just now here is the report

This is the Train Information

This is the Evaluation Information

One question, if the path of the Evaluation is wrong then how come it trained the data

Now when the path was selected to images subfolder also its coming like this


For training ans evaluation you need to point to folder with images folder only

And if training has 3 subfolder does evaluation also has the same 3 subfolders?


Like this?


yes i have send the datset request you to kindly see


you need to select Train folder …

the folder which contains images folder so basically Train is what you need to select…or one folder above images


brother i was selecting train only until now


Then that is the correct set only…

and can you confirm this also?




please let me know???

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