ESC key in terminal session


Can anyone please tell me how can we type ‘escape’ key in terminal session. This key is not there is send control key. Any help would be much appreciated.



You can use send hot key activity and it has “esc” key.

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I tried send hot keys inside terminal session but it is not working. It is not throwing any error but the key is not working.

Are you indicating the screen where the key should be working.

Indicate the terminal to the Send hot key…


You can close a dialog box by sending ‘Alt+F4’ key that you were doing with ‘esc’. both keys close a app/dialog box.


No, I am not indicating. But send hot keys is working now for ESC. Not sure why it wasnt working before. Thanks for help!

But its better you indicate where you want to perform send hot key

The first suggestion given by Anil is working. Thanks all for your suggestions.

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