Error writing excel formula with " "

i am trying to write =concatenate(A2, " ",B2) into excel. When i write it in the write cell activity, i get an error. I know the error is because of the " " in the formula (when i remove it error goes away) but I’m not sure how to write it. I need the space between the 2 cells merging. Thoughts?

Hi @atarantino
Give Concatenate (A2+" "+B2)

that gives the same error. “compiler error(s) encountered processing expression”

Try this

Hi @atarantino

Try this:


that is the formula i am using and getting an error.

that is the formula i am using and getting an error. It doesnt like the " " in the middle.

Hi @atarantino

Try using write = “concatenate(A2,” ".tostring,B2)

that won’t work. excel won’t recognize .tostring and because it is in the initial " " it won’t be picked up as vb code.


Try this once:
“=CONCATENATE(A2,+” “+,B2)”


Try this it is working

"CONCATENATE(A2, "" "", B2)"



Please try this
“=A2 & “” “” & B2”


How about this

so this works but it only writes the formula into the cell. it doesn’t perform the function. the = sign is what will make excel run it but when i add the = sign i get this error:


Try this method


In your case remove + symbols and try
It is working, Try like this

“=CONCATENATE(A2, “” “”, B2)”


Note it should be “=CONCATENATE(A2, “” “”, B2)”
NOT “=CONCATENATE(A2, + “” “” +, B2)”

The trick is that quotes in the formula must be always doubled!


Hesi @atarantino here are my solutions that i believe can help you

  1. Try using double qoutes

"=CONCATENATE(A2, "" "", B2)"

  1. Pull the two values from the cells and concatenate using the Invoke Code - save in a variable and save back the result cell.

thank you for this. it worked.

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