Error Working With Sub Forms - Could not find the user-interface (UI) element for this action

I am using Studio X to automate actions within an analytic, and am experiencing a problem when subforms open and require interaction. I am seeking to have Studio X replicate a click activity on a button. I can successfully indicate the target “play” button in the form, and create anchors. Studio X validates the selections and I select Confirm. If I immediately return to the click action and select Edit Target, Studio X will show the original target and anchor in red and message that the element was not found. Running the automation produces the same result. No matter what I try to reference as anchors, Studio X cannot seem to recognize the element it needs to interact with.

How can I get Studio X to find the sub form when it opens and allow for interaction?


Hello Trace,
Can you make a screenshot of the target’s options too see selectors details?

Hi Jakub,

Thank you for the help. Below are some illustrations that may help. Let me know if there are other useful data I can provide.


Here are the Selector details. Let me know if this is not the info you would like to see.