DatabaseConnect activity spontaneously broke on migrating to Windows

I have a simple dispatcher that pulls rows from a database on a set of simple criteria and creates queue items for the performer.

This DB is an Azure DB of some description and was/is working under Windows-Legacy but upon migrating I first get errors from the DB itself relate to an unrecognized keyword. Googling suggests this is probably related to the library being used to connect. Something has changed under the hood and I cannot connect.

Some googling found forum posts suggesting I upgrade my packages so I did, in this case taking the Database Activities package from 1.6.1 to 1.7.1 At that point I start getting issues related to not finding the MIcrosoft.Data.SqlClient package. I cannot find the package in imports, nor can I add it via Manage Packages, I can’t even add a new Database Connect activity and configure it because I get a popup telling me that I lack the Microsoft.Data.SqlClient package.

I’m not sure where to go from here, I have neither the knowledge nor the time to debug all the underlying packages based on .net error messages and trying to cross-reference them with UIPath.

Hi @Joshua_Rowlison

Could you try using the "Microsoft.Data.SqlClient" as the provider name?

I have done this on and off throughout the process.
I get situations like the image below.

Hello, @Joshua_Rowlison, just to gather some more info, what version of Studio are you using currently?


As of yesterday, 2022.10.3

@Joshua_Rowlison Can you try something and tell us if it works ?

The 1.61 package does not contain a reference for the Microsoft.Data.SqlClient assembly but the 1.7.1 does have this.
I suggest try clearing out all the old versions of the Database package from the nuget cahche that can be found at
and then reinstall the 1.7.1 package from the official feed


I deleted everything from the indicated directory and upon reopening Studio it attempted to reinstall with results as shown below

Hi @Joshua_Rowlison

On a closer investigation, we validated our deployment and all sub-dependencies are now properly hosted on the Official UiPath package feed.

Could you please retest and let us know if you are still having the above issue?