Error while uploading data to a Data service

I am uploading data from an excel file, which has over 600,000 rows. I keep getting the error message below after uploading a thousand rows. What can i use as a workaround for this?

Create Entity Record: Error: Api call quota reached. Retry after next UTC day 00:00. Env: 361c53a1-7bd5-ed11-9f73-0022489f9dfa, TraceId: ed77d4c38c7a0e40a73626869a77f619


Can you elaborate more as to where you are uploading this data, seems like your api calling limit has reached, can you check if this api or your account which you are using is only allowed limited calls to api.

Oh i thought i did that.
I am uploading data from an excel file to an entity in Data service. How do i check fi the api calling has reached its limit. I am using a read range to import the data into a datatable, after which i used a create entity record to upload the data into the data service.


Can you check this thread:
You will have to call the batch activity multiple times to upload more than 1K records.

Maximum Limitation for an Entity in Uipath DataServices - Help / Data Service - UiPath Community Forum

Okay I have checked it. Thank you for your help. I really appreciate.

Please, one more thing, I would really appreciate if you can explain what you mean by calling the batch activity multiple times.


Apologies for the late reply.

After using Query Entity Records activity and check Total Records value. It will give output as Total number of matching records value count. If it is greater than 1000 then you can use one more Query Entity Records activity and skip first 1000 records as you already retrieved it and also append this output to previous output.

You can find m ore detail here:

What is maximum number of records in query entity records? - Help / Data Service - UiPath Community Forum


Thank you so much for your response I truly appreciate your help. The solution is actually working. I used another Query records activity and it uploaded the rows that were not part of the first 1000 rows, however I have one more question.

I noticed that we had to replicate the query records activity for each 1000th row we wanted to retrieve.

Does this mean that if i have 600,000 records, I have to call the Query records activity 600 times. The reason I am asking is , because you mentioned that I have to use one or more Query Records Activity?


You can loop on this activity and run the loop depending upon your number of rows.


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