Error when inserting datatable to access db - insert activity

Hello. The problem I’m facing is the following: when trying to insert a datatable to an access database (using the insert activity from the database package), I get the following error:

Note: this happens with large tables i.e. 1000+ elements
Any suggestion?

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There is some issue with the activity properties buddy


Hi @sebaaf96,

It may be caused by database limits ie max 1000 rows in one insert transaction … at least for mssql (especially that you mention it’s occurring only for large datasets)

You can test that by trying to insert a simple, dummy, data table with generic values. If the issue will still occur then you’ll need to break it into bunches

Best Regards,

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Hi, I am not using any query keyword, just uipath’s insert activity.

Buddy keep the table name within square brackets buddy like this

Cheers @sebaaf96

@Palaniyappan … Should not make any difference tbh … as long as there are no special characters in the name, square brackets are pretty much voluntary:)

Unless I’m mistaken of course ;p!

Buddy @Filip_C
sometimes the table name we keep might be of a keyword in sql lang apart from being with special characters, @sebaaf96 correct with the other properties so the only one left is the table name and we get error based on keyword, so thats why buddy
@sebaaf96 kindly try this and let know buddy

@Palaniyappan it’s actually TablA not TablE … and it’s not separated. I don’t think any database engine would recognize it as a key word

@Palaniyappan I don’t think there’s any problem with the table given the insert activity works with small size tables
@Filip_C Already tried the dummy thing… inserted 13200 dummy rows without problem

Moreover, I don’t think it’s a problem related to the table because it is produced by data-scraping, so in theory the column names shouldn’t change despite the amount of elements I can scrap

buddy @sebaaf96 i didn’t mean like the issue is with table in your db, it is with how we have mentioned the name of that table here in this activity, place within a square brackets buddy
“[yourtablename]” see here, either the table name is not correct or it must be a keyword, so to rectify both kindly check the spelling of the table name and place in within square brakets buddy

@sebaaf96 if the activity works fine for fewer rows then it is probably a keyword in the data itself (later in the dataset)

kindly look at this buddy @sebaaf96

so either the tablename or columns from the extracted table must have a keyword name buddy…
kindly provide the column names alone buddy @sebaaf96


did that work buddy @sebaaf96

@Palaniyappan @Filip_C
I’m a little confused right now, because I think the problem was always the DataTable. It seems that suddenly it started to gather null values and then making the “Insert” activity fail. Now I created a new data-scraping and seems to be working. What drives me crazy is the fact that, for example I set the limit to 2000 and only got 1000 results. Now changed it to 3000 and got all the 3000 values right. I sincerely can’t figure out what was wrong with the scraping. My guess is that the web page on which I was working somehow changed something that made my Dt break like that.
Thanks for the help anyways, I will keep you updated if anything else happens!

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buddy one kind suggestion is to mention a 0 to get all the values to be scrapped while data scrapping…with maxnumberofresults property in data scrapping - extractstructured data activiy
Cheers @sebaaf96

I know buddy, I was setting limits for debugging purposes as the entire process would demand too much time. The problem i’m facing now is that the scraping gets random numbers of elements. For example I have 5000 in total, and having set the limit to 0 it just scrapes around 2400 or so. My point is, that I don’t know why my scraping is so unstable and can’t manage to scrape the whole bunch of data I want. I hope I made myself clear with this, cheers

Thats great
Cheers @sebaaf96

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@Palaniyappan @Filip_C
Just to let you know, I think I have solved the problem… The reason I got the error when inserting was because the table which I was trying to pass was empty. I can’t explain why it worked with small tables though.
However, I figured out that one thing that was messing up my extracted tables was the loading time between pages: the web just randomly takes more time to load each page as the page count increases (maybe that’s why large tables were problematic). Apparently, the problem was fixed by setting the “delay between pages” property to 2000ms, which is a huge delay, but makes things more stable.
Thanks for your answers!

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