Error while triggering Bot

Hi all,

My process is running live from 25th of January, I have done one small date logic change and published new package after that I facing with an error
“The specified path, file name, or both are too long. The fully qualified file name must be less than 260 characters, and the directory name must be less than 248 characters.”

I have check my shared drive path it has only 60 Characters and my config path has around 80 characters.

Please help me resolve this issue. It’s bit urgent.
Thanks in advance

Please check if your date logic change is used somehow in some filenames or filepath. If the date format you used any special characters in your date format or slashes then it will mess up your filepath.

Are you using a path like “X:\some folder\some file”?

That’s a mapped drive (X:) but underneath that is a fully qualified path like “\\someserver\some folder\another folder\” and that path is too long in your automation. This is a Windows limitation, nothing to do with UiPath.

Note that you should not use mapped drives in your automations, you should always use the fully qualified path.

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Hi @postwick, i am using “\\someserver\some folder\another folder\ ” my path has only 60Characters. I am not able to understand why is this coming as long

Show us your activity, use Debug to show us the value being passed to the activity that’s failing.

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