Error while execution of the Bot

Bot shows this pop up message while execution, any help would be really appreciated.

It looks like a Microsoft Office issue. Please check following link:

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Hi @Ritika_Singh

Looks like a MS office issue

This issue is fixed in Version 2009 (Build 16.0.13231.20262), which is available as of Sept 28, 2020. If Office has not automatically updated, you can get the newest build by following the steps listed in Install Office updates.

When creating File DSNs, you may receive the message “The File Data Source was not saved.”, even though the DSN was successfully created. This message will be fixed in version 2010.

You will also not be able to create Machine DSNs using the version of Ace included with Microsoft 365 Applications. You will still need to install the Access Database Engine Redistributable if you require that functionality.

Hope this will be useful. Thank you