Error when running workflow analyze - Could not load type 'UiPath.Studio.Analyzer.Models.IWorkflowElement'

When running the workflow analyze, the following error returns:

Error System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type ‘UiPath.Studio.Analyzer.Models.IWorkflowElement’ from assembly ‘UiPath.Studio.Activities.Api, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’.
at UiPath.Activities.System.Design.Rules.MinimumLogMessagesRule.WalkThrough(IActivityModel activityModel)
at UiPath.Activities.System.Design.Rules.MinimumLogMessagesRule.Inspect(IWorkflowModel workflowModel, Rule ruleInstance)
at UiPath.Studio.Analyzer.Execution.Jobs.RuleJob`1.ExecuteInternal()
at UiPath.Studio.Analyzer.Execution.Jobs.JobBase.Execute()

The error don’t seen related to any workflow or project in particular, since I’m getting this behavior in all my projects. I already reinstalled UiPath Studio, but nothing has changed.

Hi. Did you find a solution to this error? I also have this problem.

Nothing yet :confused:
Mayber @loginerror can help us?

Hi @lucas.stern and @diana.prisecaru, could you please let us know what Studio version you are using that triggers the error?
Also, is it possible to share with us a UiPath.DiagnosticsTool report and a workflow that triggers the error, either by attaching it here or via a private message to me or @loginerror?
Thank you so much!

Hi, @coramia, @loginerror. I am using UiPath Studio Pro 2020.4.3. The error is not on a specific file, I get it when I try analyzing the whole project.

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Hi @diana.prisecaru, thank you for replying.
Could you please attach an example project that triggers this behavior and the UiPath.DiagnosticsTool report? From the screenshot you shared with us, it seems that some analyzer rules are triggered, and some or not, and it would be really useful to see what exactly is happening.
For the DiagTool report, you just need to search the UiPath Diagnostic Tool in the Windows Start bar > open it > then click Next > Collect > Next > Export - then save the .zip file and kindly share it with us. Thank you!

DiagnosticToolExport-16-nov-20.7z (1.9 MB)


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@coramia, here is an example of workflow where I get this error. I noticed that before I updated the dependencies, there was no error. After I updated them to the latest version, the error was visible again. (7.0 KB)

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Hi everyone, I had the same issue. I resolved it by downgrade the package UiPath.System.Activities


Thank you everyone for your help. Indeed, the errors are triggered when using the latest UiPath.System.Activities dependency (20.10.1) in a lower versioned Studio (20.4.4 or below).
We have raised an internal ticket for tracking this and will get back as soon as we have a resolution for it.
In the meantime, as a workaround, like @viorel.balaj mentioned, you can either downgrade the UiPath.System.Activities package or upgrade Studio to the latest available 20.10.2 version.


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