Error Using "Extract Semi Structured" Activity: "The Server cannot or will not process the request due to an apparent client error" with exception ConnectivityFramework.HTTP.HttpStatusException

I downloaded and installed the “Extract Semi Structured Document” activity this afternoon.

Hooked it into my workflow, added the API Key, and Invoice endpoint. Pointed it at a invoice image (jpeg file) and ran.

I receive the following error, and cannot find any information about the error…

I downloaded UiPathTeam.MLModel.Activities v1.1.7171.26367, and am running UiPath Studio 2019.7.0.

Any thoughts?

– Michael

I found my error. When copying the API Key from the the Licenses page of the UiPath Platform, I accidentally copied:

“API Key:** I7J3Xy27L+3bFqscTqkMUbeKIzCBr/TfajdxGXt6S9iq/ClpyQf3OskGM0Qq3Gg5”

NOTE: "API Key: " at the beginning of the string.

When I changed the API Key property to: “I7J3Xy27L+3bFqscTqkMUbeKIzCBr/TfajdxGXt6S9iq/ClpyQf3OskGM0Qq3Gg5” the activity ran correctly.

P.S. For those security minded folks: I have generated a new key, so the one posted here should not work.

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