Error : Type Into 'INPUT': Index was outside the bounds of the array

This is a customer registration.

I get an OTP to the mobile (I open the SMS through the computer and take the value) it is a number between 6 digits, I saved it as an argument called “sms”.

Then I assigned and saved the following in the result1 argument:



As you can see the “sms” argument receives the number: 052097 which is the OTP received for my mobile.

The result1 argument accepts 6 values ​​of the same OTP


I used arguments because I open another window where I access a different address than the registration address: Messages for web From here I take the number (SMS to computer)

What’s strange is that sometimes it works and most of the time it doesn’t, the error isn’t always displayed, sometimes it works, I’m probably not writing something right.

The error:

Type Into ‘INPUT’: Index was outside the bounds of the array.

Hi @mironb

The error is clear that the array element you are trying to access is not having data.

If it is failing in the first iteration then it means array is empty…if it failing in subsequence iterations it means the value retrieved is smaller than 6 characters(assumption is you are using 6 type into or a for loop on a type into to get this done)