Error to read mail with a html file in attachments

Hello everyone!

I have a trouble, I am using outlook 365 activities to retrieve mails and its attachments, however, there is a specific case which trows an error an break the activity for each mail.

The case is. When a mail has a html file as attachment, UiPath throws the following error " Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined" and the activity for each mail is interrupted, I have tried to evaluate (before enter for each mail) if the mails have a html file in its attachments in order to eliminate that mail from the ListMails, but i havent found how to do it.

Can someone give a suggestion about how this error could be solve?

This is the email, the problem is that it is very common to receive emails with these files as attachments

Check this discussion
It has a suggestion in this
Give a try and let us know

Cheers @julio.contreras

Hi @julio.contreras ,
This topic has solution,
Check thread