Can anyone tell me why my Activity reports an error?

I‘m a beginner ,I want to get the subject of the Mails and save the attachments。。but my If activity reports an error. can you give me a hand? Thanks in advance

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it would be helpfully for us of you can share the validation message with us for more details.
Also check it the typeargument of the for each activity is set to System.Net.Mail.MailMessage

Here is the validation message.


the variable datatype rests as it is:

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Thank you so much,it works! :+1:

One more question. I have created some other folders below the “Inbox”, how do i get the attachments from those folder?

  • go to outlook app
  • right click on the folder select properties
  • checkout the folder path (as it can be different e.g. by localizations)
  • use this within the get outlook mails activitiy property folder
  • keep it as it is as it is casesensitive

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