Error : Timeout reached. Increase timeout and/or change waitForReadyLevel property

Currently I have an error, who can help me happens when I click on a checkbox

for example:


I need in this case to point out all the users of the software

Change to “COMPLETE” at WaitForReady Property and try again

I already did it but it did not work, I put a “try / cach” and it returned this error


apparently it is a table and I do not know how to do in these cases

Hi @Alvaro_Borelly_Folia

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Have you managed to solve the issue?

If not, pleast post how the selector looks like in the UiExplorer. There has to be a way to fix it, unless there is something specific to the app you are trying to automate.

You can sometimes also try running Studio as an administrator to see if it will make a difference.

Many people have this problem and don’t have answer our error, i don’t know if is because is a table

Has this issue been resolved? I am experiencing the same in unattended robot. Specifically when the screen is locked or minimized.

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The Solution to this is:

1- Use Ui Explorer on UiPath
2- Change the mode to “Active Accessibility”
3- “Indicate” any other column value in the row
4- Find out the first column (which will have something with the word “input
, rest all will be span”
5- Use the selector now in your “check” or “Click” activity.