Some time check box not working

I have 1000 record in excel .I am inserting data in website.Almost 150 records its work fine.but after this not able to click.I used anchor activity as mention in attachment its works almost 150 records and I also try check activity but this not work even single record.

Hey @Aditya10989 - timeout exception could be your page response…

you can try to add additional checks before performing the selections…
like - before selection - you can check the element available in the page using onelementappear activity or element exists activity … based on the response - you can perform the selection…

you can refer below links


thanks for reply on element appear in property found element I passed the variable in this but the type is uielement but is this it is bolean type…?
how can I used if condition in this…?

if your going to use onelementappear activity - add your selection code inside “Do” sequence.

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