Error processing expression string.IsNullOrEmpty - Not most specific

I am trying to set a condition that a string is not null or empty but I get error processing expression, overload resolution failed, not most specific

How do I solve this?


This using this condition,

(IsNot Nothing(inputString) and inputString <> String.Empty)

If you get error again try spliting the condition, first check if it is not null then check if it is not empty. Because if you are trying to do any string manipulation with null string then error may happen.

I specified default values in the Variable Explorer but did not assign it via activities, could this be causing the error?


Not necessarily, either way you can assign data. Check for scope maybe you assign to variable in different scope and there may be 2 variables with same name.

I tried using this and now I get Expression expected error

Send screen short @DEATHFISH

Edit: all the variables are unique and within scope


Try using ‘()’ for first condition to

(CheckVendorAddressRow - 1 <> 0) OR (IsNot Nothing (CheckVendorAddresssLine) and CheckVendorAddresssLine <> String.Empty)

Still encountering the same error


Send me your code ill correct and revert back

Tried (CheckVendorAddressLine IsNot Nothing and CheckVendorAddressLine <> String.Empty) and it worked, thanks

Try this

((CheckVendorAddressRow-1) = 0) or (If(IsNothing(CheckVendorAddresssLine),False,True) and CheckVendorAddresssLine <> String.Empty)