Error once queue empty

I am getting data from the queue but whats happening once queue is empty its throwing an error. How can i avoid this


Hi @khaled_emad ,
Can you specify which activity/operation is throwing the error?

In get queue item. once the queue is empty its throwing error. how can i make a condition to avoid this please

Generally, the get queue items activity does not throw error if there aren’t any data present, it just returns a null value. However, if you want to check if there are any items present in the queue items variable, you can use the count function.

QueueItemsVariable.Count >0

Hi @khaled_emad ->USE TRY CATCH
Put Get Queue in Try Block
And in catch block select system exception
Put log message in try block and print message you want to print.

Try Block

Catch block

thanks All

@khaled_emad welcome. happy automation

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