Error Occured Object reference not set to an instance of an object

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How can I identify these kind of errors?

SAPLEVEL3.xlsx (10.7 KB)
Flowchart.xaml (154.8 KB)
for the references


Try below expression in IF condition:

ACTION.Tostring.Contains(“Change”) AND MATERIALID1.Tostring.Contains(“241”)

I checked your workflow and found that you are not reading Action Column using Get Row Item activity.

Hi, Thanks @lakshman this is my updated workflow.<a class=“attachment” href="// (248.0 KB)

Eventhough I get this error .

Can you help me how to resolve this error?


In excel, The data is like ‘Changed’ but you are checking ‘CHANGED’. Please change it and try.

Try this: ACTION.Tostring.Contains(“Change”) AND MATERIALID1.Tostring.Contains(“241”)

Thanks. I change it. How to wrote condition null value for column B4 and B5?

Till now I get same error.
Like this
If Change: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

For Much reliability, convert your ACTION to upper case before comparing.


Object reference throws because you are checking with null value, you may add to your if statement:

ACTION is nothing