Error- Object reference not set to instance of an object

Object reference not set to instance of an object

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Buddy @Loka625
Kindly check whether the bankconfig has any value at that index position of counter variable…i think it doesn’t have any value at that index position…kindly check that buddy

Tocheck whether it has any value or not just use a write line activity with that Value before assigning buddy @Loka625


You’ll need to include more information then just screenshots @Loka625. You’ll need to describe what you’re trying to accomplish.

Whats the assign values? Bank = ?

If you can’t upload your files, then provide: values of the assign, and a screenshot of your excel file. it should help us understand what index your assign is looking for.

From what I can see you’re trying to get a certain row value with your counter?

@Loka625 if bank config gets some input values from other files column config or init settings(if theses are invoked in bank config), then if you run bank config individually, it shows error because there is no input values coming from the other files.Run from Main file.