If: Object reference not set to an instance of an object (error)

Show error below.
but work complete.

Suggest me please.

dataFour variable not contains any value then u will get this error
Try Debug step by step and check the value for that variable

@ImPratham45 I debug , found result = null in R0W A175
Because data in excel end in row A174.


Guide me about it please.

what are you passing in Read Cell?

@ImPratham45 text in column A (string)

I mean what exactly write i can see “A”+(row ?

hI @fairymemay,

This issues normally occurs when a variable has not been initialised (been given a value). I am guessing from the screenshots you’ve attached that variable dataFour is null. If the variable is a string, try using an Assign right at the beginning of the process that sets the variable to blank, like so: dataFour = ""

This will initialise the variable and should fix your issue.

Also, are you using a row counter for your For Each Row? You should use an integer variable instead of row. i.e "A" + InputCount and then add one at the bottom of the For Each Row.

@ImPratham45 Find attached flow.

3.xaml (8.7 KB)

Can you share excel