Error Menu disappeared

Hi there,
when using StudioX, I used to get the chance to select one of the following options.

But now this entire Menu is not available anymore.
The process stops immediately without showing me this menu anymore.
Anyone can help?

Hello @Niko_Don-Ho

Can you please check in output panel for any errors? Also any recent update of studio happened?


So, I used to get the Error Menu, now it doesent show anymore.

Maybe there is no error in your workflow. If there are any errors it should throw the error.


I forced an error, by closing the browser for example. Normally the Menu from above would show up. Now it doesent anymore. The process used to still be running in the background until I stopped it, now it stops completely without ginving me the chance to do something.

Hi everyone, same thing happens to me; I would get the error box where I could skip the error or hit retry, now this is not available anymore; I just get a message that the error happened and everything stops running. Do you know why is this happening? what can I do to get the “retry” option back?

Executing in debug mode???


I am working in Studio X; isn’t the debugging mode something only available in Studio?
And anyway, I don’t mind the error appearing and hitting retry → I just want that option to reappear.

Hi Niko, did you find any solution to this issue?

no, still not able to get the former menu back. Similar to you, I just want to have the retry option back.