Error: Invoke Splitting of data workflow: Excel Application Scope

Hi everyone,

I am receiving an error with the Excel Application Scope activity. The message looks like this:

Source: Invoke Splitting of data workflow: Excel Application Scope
Message: Microsoft Excel cannot access the file "C:\Users\xxx-xxxx\Documents\UiPath\Recon Bot\Input Files\ 95A27000 ". There are several possible reasons:

  • The file name or path does not exist.
  • The file is being used by another program.
  • The workbook you trying to save has the same name as a currently open workbook.

Exception Type: ExcelException

The key thing about this error is that the value at the end of the filepath - 95A27000 changes with each run of the Bot. To note, the filepath inputted into the Excel Application Scope does not end with 95A27000, yet the error message throws a random mix of letters and numbers as the filename at the end.

Does anyone have any idea as to why this is being caused?

Hi @YF_Leong,

Please click here for the 2 possible solutions to your problem.


  1. Try this: … (111 answers with green tick) contains 3 steps
  2. In my case, … (2 answers) contains 6 steps
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Hi @YF_Leong

Before executing bot please close the excel file and path mention like this
C:\Users\xxx-xxxx\Documents\UiPath\Recon Bot\Input Files\95A27000.xlsx

Kommi Jeevan

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Hi GreenTea, clicking on “here” doesn’t seem to trigger anything. I’ve tried it on different browsers as well, could something be wrong with the link?

Hi @kommijeevan, thank you for your suggestion. To share a bit more, the excel file is closed while running. There is no file named “95A27000.xlsx”. The inputted file path into the Excel Application Scope activity is “C:\Users\xxx-xxxx\Documents\UiPath\Recon Bot\Input Files\LMS.xlsx”. However, for some unknown reason, the activity keeps giving the error message with a randomized file value at the end. “95A27000.xlsx” is one of the randomized values that I got as part of the error messages. Is there a reason as to why the error message is like this? And how should I go around fixing it?

Hi @YF_Leong,

Sorry, please try again.