Error in Scraping data from an Email

I want to extract only the table information from E-mail and store it in a variable. I followed through all the topics and decided to go about
1.Saving the mail as mht file.
2.Start process
3.The Mht file is also opening in Edge as per the screenshot

But I am facing error in scraping the data and store in a DT.
I used “Extract Structured Data” and no matter I try scraping, it comes with error" Could not find UI element" . Where am I doing wrong and is it anything with giving the Extract Metadata?

Hello @Radha_Ganesan ,

Did you try the “Extract Tables from Mail” activity from the Marketplace?


Thanks, What would be the package I should install to use this activity?


Did it solve your issue?

I am having trouble installing any packages for now. I am trying to resolve the issue.
Regarding my workflow, is there any reason I am unable to extract the info or is it a possible step?

Can you share the selector of the element that you are trying to scrape?

Sure,Attached the screenshot.

Try to replace the titles with a “*” only.

If it doesn’t work, please send a screenshot of the UI explorer.