Error in python Scope

Hello, I am trying to invoke a python script using the python scope but there is an error and I can’t solve it.

Load Python Script: Error loading Python script

import pandas as pd

def removerlinhas(caminho, limitador):

tarefas = pd.read_csv(caminho, delimiter=limitador)

input_file=tarefas.drop(tarefas.index[tarefas["Descrição"]!="Tarefas Manuais Pós-Aprovisionamento"])
columns=["Data max de resolução", "Data de criação", "Sub-SFID responsável", "CAV", "NIF", "Tipo de processo"]

tarefasf=input_file.drop(columns, axis=1)

return tarefasf

welcome to uipath community
we need to install this package import pandas from python
its not the issue with uipath buddy

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@Liliana_Novais - Open command and type pip install pandas then it will work fine.

Hello all, thanks for the replies. I have pandas installed. It runs perfectly is VS code. So the problem is not pandas

whats the error you are getting?

Load Python Script: Error loading Python script

This is the error I get

@Liliana_Novais - Can you please check your indentation or share the workflow

sorry for the late reply I was working on another project.

the error is that it can’t load the script, I used also another a simpler.

@Liliana_Novais Check this link, This might help :

use Get python object after invoke method!
and there you can get the output and change the argument type accordingly!
Cheers @Liliana_Novais

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