Error in merge datatble

Can some help how this can be sorted!

Claim Number columns on both datatables differ on datatype

You can fix it by

  • decide whixh is the correct datatype for the column
  • convert the datatable(s) columns to the choosen datatype
  • merge the datatables


The error refers to ClaimNumber column Data Type is mismatch in both files. Can you please check it once.

Ok let me see

you can do it by setting a breakpoint on merge acitvity
debug and get paused
check datatype by using immediate panel
type in: YourDt1Var.Columns(“Claim Number”).datatype
do similar for other datatable

Data type is same in both dt’s


Can you take screenshot of ClaimNumbers in both the files and share it here.

as an alternate can you show us the result done within immediate panel?
With this we can rely what is actual in datatables and do see the final state. Thanks

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