Error in copying files from local server to one drive

Hello, I am getting below error when trying to copy a file from local server to one drive:

"Find Files And Folders PTS File: Code: itemNotFound
Message: The resource could not be found.
Inner error:
date: 2023-11-21T05:51:13
request-id: 35450cae-514b-453c-a0e6-308a631c0308
client-request-id: 35450cae-514b-453c-a0e6-308a631c0308
ClientRequestId: 35450cae-514b-453c-a0e6-308a631c0308

Could someone please suggest what went wrong.

Thankyou !

Could you share some screenshot ?

the one above I am using in Subfolder field


and this final folder wher I need to drop files, I am storing in query

Hi @ayushi_jain3

You can use one drive & SharePoint activities

Better will be you can map one drive as network drive where you can directly copy file from local to one drive 2

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

how can we do it without integration. The reason I am asking is because the project owners do not allow thr integration method

Then you can use the one drive & SharePoint activities