Error in Calculating client Security hash

Hey guys! am new here, as I was completing this small project, I have encountered an error while debugging.
However, I dont know why, while am debugging the main file the chrome browser automatically closes itself after every process, like for example after the login is completed it closes the tab and in the next process the tab opens again, and then it hovers to the dashboard.
FYI- I dont have any close tab activity in any of the invoke files.
Also, is it a problem when you start your project with mordern mode and then suddenly you change it to the classic mode in between of the process.

Hi @praneet.naik26 ,

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Please make sure you are installed/enabled the UiPath extension for google chrome browser.

Here is the steps to do so, UiPath Extension for Google Chrome

Hope this will help you. Thank you.

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Hi @praneet.naik26

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Please check whether the data scarping page is Running in Chrome!


Done! Thank you!

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However, I got my grades and the status of the client security hash is “Completed”, but am not able to access the walkthrough. or move on to the next topic. my grade score is 100/100.
Any idea what would be the reason am getting a preview alert?

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