Calculate Client Security Hash - increase grade rating

I’m solving the challenge to get the RPA Advanced certificate, my grade is at 69/100 I thought that by fixing it the grade would increase, but it remained, I don’t know how to increase my grade to pass this challenge.
Could someone help me with a step by step to increase my grade?


Check below thread for your reference

Hope this will help you


@Srini84 I read the thread but it doesn’t help me, could you test my file please?

I finished the second challenge today but it doesn’t generate my grade.

Hi @Pedro_Azevedo,

Try make your flow in Re-Framework if you haven’t made it in Re-Framework.
Also try to use the best practices of uipath while developing the flow.
These two steps would work to increase you score.

Thanks & Regards,
Urvesh Mistry

@urvesh.mistry I did it. I have a problem, my desktop run windows 11, but Windows 11 not work internet explorer more, just in compatibility mode on Edge (not the same practice). If you can help me…

Hi @Pedro_Azevedo,

Sure, try to make the same flow in chrome or Firefox.

Thanks & Regards,
Urvesh Mistry

I tested it in both browsers, lowered my grade. if anyone can help me I’m sending my file so they can find out why not complete the challenge.
Calculate Client Security Hash (4).zip (2.3 MB)

How to fix this error?

hi please check your aruments on in_transcationnumber is starting from 0/1

it should start from 0 or 1 based or your condition

Starting in 0

try to delete the =
and if still dont work dont forget to clean you acme account

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