Error in Add Queue Item

The following error is displayed.
The field Reference must be a string with a maximum length of 128. Error code: 0


There is a target Queue in UiPath Orchestrator, and the Reference does not exceed 128.

Is there any possible reason for this?
This person is also experiencing the same problem, but does not seem to be able to get an answer.

Hi @rsugimura,

Can you post what you are trying to add to the queue, like what type it is?

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Hi @Krishna_547,

I had a process that added the title column of the spreadsheet to the Queue from the top row.
When adding to the Queue, I used the .ToString type.

Again, when I looked at the data, only the second line was over 156 characters.
The first line does not exceed 128 characters, so it is difficult to understand why not a single item is registered in the View Transaction, but this may be the reason.

Since I have already decided to automate that failed flow with the Invoke Method instead of using Add Queue Item, I will not re-verify it, but thank you for the opportunity to review it.