How to increase the length of Queue reference value

Sometimes bot failed to add items to queue with following error.

Exception : The field Reference must be a string with a maximum length of 128.

Is there a way to increase the reference field length of queue.

Sree Latha

Hi @Sreelatha278

This is something to be handling during the enterprise installation (SQL Server) of UiPath in server machine.

In normal cases, we should be able to use the alter table command on the table that was created to increase the size of the data allow for a particular column.

I believe the data type in specific table will be something like nvarchar(128).

Moreover it will be difficult to handle reference which goes beyond the length of 128.

I can suggest couple of things here

  1. Probably you can generate your own UniqueReference value.
    Ex:SomeUniqueValue + timestamp

  2. You can take a substring to generate a UniqueReference value.
    Ex:ActualReference.Substring(0,ActualReference.Length - 128)

Hope this will be helpful. Thank you.

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