Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call COM component

Scenario: Selecting Logout Option in User Menu in RQM with UIPath Explorer

Steps to reproduce: Open RQM web interface. Open UIPath Explorer. Select User Menu. Select Logout option.

Current Behavior: Shows above mentioned error

Expected Behavior: Should show Selector in UIPath Explorer

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: Studio 2017.1.6498 CE

Last stable behavior: Version: Studio 2017.1.6498 CE
Last stable version: Version: Studio 2017.1.6498 CE
OS Version: Win 7 Pro 64-bit
Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc):
.NET 4.0.30319.4.2000


It’s recommended to have .net framework 4.5.2 and above .
Please check software requirement for more.

If still persist then make sure to install browser extension.

Troubleshooting for the browser as below:

thanks for the reply. As a matter of fact, I’ve got up to .NET 4.7.02053 installed on my PC, as well as the browser extension. I don’t seem to have trouble retrieving selectors for other parts of RQM either.
The .NET version I put in there is the one indicated by the UIPath About info, which makes me think that either it’s not using the last version installed on my PC or there’s a double bug here.


So, no news on this? Do issues always get resolved this slowly? A real bummer for an otherwise amazing tool.

Cheers Stratum

This on goes directly to UiPath

Sorry for that. Frustration got the better of me, since I’m really impressed by how well this tools performs otherwise.


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Was this issue ever resolved?

Nope. Still getting this error in the same place. Had to find a functional workaround (luckily I did).
Would be nice though if it ever happens, wouldn’t it? :slight_smile:


I had this “Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call COM component
Earlier web recording or indicate on the screen all were working properly suddenly I got this error.
If this happens to you then just restart your pc problem will be solved.No need to check any drive/framework.

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Working !!

I just encountered it. I think the error occurs when you assign a value to an undeclared variable in your javascript code. It resolved for me as soon as I made the declaration. e.g var varialble1 = “some string here”

I had a similar issue and the issue was with .Net Framework

I have uninstalled and installed .Net framework version 4.6.2 and the problem was resolved

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