Error Enumerating files from SFTP Server

I’m using UiPath.FTP.Activities to download files from an SFTP site. When I enumerate objects, I’m receiving the following error:

RemoteException wrapping System.NotSupportedException: Unsupported object type encountered.

I have the Input Remote Path using a String variable, and the Output Files using a IEnumerable variable type:


If I change the Remote Path to “/” I receive a “Permisson denied” error, which is expected because I don’t have access to the root of the SFTP server.

I’ve tried testing using a different SFTP site ( and I’m able to enumerate files without any issues.

The provider is using Core FTP and they have indicated that they see me successfully listing the files in the directory just before I receive the error message at the Enumerate objects step. Any thoughts as to what would cause this error? It’s puzzling that it works for one site, but not the other.

Thanks in advance!

I’m able to connect via FileZilla with the same account info and view and download files from this same site without any issues. If I explicitly list the path and a filename in Remote Path, the file enumerates without any issues (and then I’m able to subsequently run through my For Each loop to download the file). But if the Remote Path variable contains just the directory name, no luck–the “Unsupported object type encountered” error occurs.