Error during screen scraping & OCR

Hello everyone!

I am trying to do recognize text from an invoice-like image (.png) using data scraping recording
ScreenScraper wisard comes up. Native or Full text do not return any result. I select OCR method and refresh, then error-message comes up. It says “app launch is not possible due ot missing api-ms-win-crt-l1-1-0.dll Try reinstalling the app.”
Any thoughts would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Hi, @koltsev1, this file is lots of places in my system.
See below:

and some places not OS-specific:

If the file exists on your system but you still get the error, there’s still hope.
It looks like you’re running Russian Windows, true? That’s probably not the reason, I’m thinking.
Check out this link and this link re Universal CRT (C Runtime).
I found this C Runtime update link in the first link above, maybe that will help.


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Thanks. Widnows can’t find this file. I’try checking links that you provided @burque505

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@koltsev1, you bet! Hope it works. Let us know.

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@Brainytapf @burque505 Hi all

I ran windows update which burque505 proposed, and Google OCR activity started working. Thanks a lot!
However, kind of fun, default language is “eng” while I’m trying to recognize russian words.
Changing lang to “rus” and running sequence throws in an exception. Trying to solve this now.

Ok, so I installed russian language from tesseract github. Now all works!!!
This link is to language installation guidance

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@koltsev1, glad you got it going and thanks for the link. I’m going to try to install Russian now.

I also got it working by just removing “eng” from the Language property of the Google OCR. Although you don’t need it now, just for grins here’s the workflow. (73.8 KB)

Edit: (Just a few tips on installing the tesseract data for Google OCR)

Here’s my workflow. (113.8 KB)

The ‘tessdata’ files I need to add languages are here. I scrolled down and went to the link for rus.traineddata.

Here’s where it has to go, for me (change the path according to your UiPath Studio version - this is for CE, by the way):


Once that file is in your ‘tessdata’ folder, restart UiPath Studio (it won’t update otherwise).

For my guinea pig I chose Pravda. Using Citrix recording, I first used a ‘Click OCR Text’ to make sure I had Russian available from Google OCR. Here’s what I picked:


I then replaced that activity with a ‘Get OCR Text’ activity, indicating the element in the browser. Then I changed the OCR language in the Properties panel:


I added a variable to capture the text, and displayed it in a message box:


Edit: Works with Chinese also (I added chi_sim.traineddata and chi_tra.traineddata).


Workflow: (196.8 KB)



I tried to scrap the data in full screen mode( Photo viewer ) using Get text activity with Abby OCR engine it throws a exception like selector not found.

Tharma KS

Do you have a bag in Chinese? About the OCR,can you give please!